Laithewaites, New Cider blends and Wassailing till the cows come home….. Jan 18

Summer 2017 went by so quick I ran out of time to add to our News section.... Our Foxy Ginger cider, released in August was an immediate success, quickly becoming one of our most popular ciders, it is available in bottle, 10/20litre bag-in-box and 30/50litre kegs. Contact us to get your fill of sparkling, Cheeky, Foxy Ginger cider today! In September Ryan & Dante visited a few Cider makers in Washington Sate and Oregon in the USA to see how they did things on that side of the pond. It was a fantastic experience; there were a great number of ciders to choose from having visited the cideries of Cider Riot, Reverend Nats, Alpen Fire, Schillings Cider House and a number of others. Washington State is world renowned for it`s Apple growing area of Yakima Valley, they returned just in time to help Oliver begin the Cider apple harvest and pressing season. Elvis our huge new fermenting vessel joined us on a new concrete pad made specially; If you drank 5 pints a day it would take you 19.2 years to finish it all!!! I am pleased to announce that our excellent, award-winning Elderflower Cider with be available at all Laithwaites stores across England. Due to the weather in 2017 our pressing and harvesting season began almost 2 weeks earlier than usual, which means the 15 apple varieities we grow were fully ripe earlier and meant that we finished our 2017 pressing season much earlier as well; rather than the on the 21 of December like autumn 2016, we finished in late November. On the 20th of January we will be hosting our 2nd annual Wassail Night! From 2pm till late we will be celebrating another excellent harvest, deleicious ciders and more to come in the new year. Members of the Wyld Morris ancers group will be joining us and Martin Maudsley will be leading storytelling of the great Pomona, apples, orchards and cider making. All are welcome, there will be storytelling, wassail songs, scrumptious food by Bear Kat Café of Bridport, hot mulled cider, spiced apple juice and other ciders and apple juice available from our Tasting Room/Shop. In 2018 we will be building a new cider barn and with the addition of more tanks, pressing and bottling equipment we expect to offer you all some fascinating new blends coming in 2018...... Watch this space ;). Jan 2018

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New Exciting blends, New buildings, equipment and Happy New Year 30/1/19

New exciting blends, New buildings, equipment and a Happy New Year. In September 2018 we released our new Grab life by the Damsons cider 4% and sparkling in the keg and bottle. Available in 500ml bottles, 10/20litre bag-in-boxes and 30/50litre kegs for bars, festivals and pubs all around the country. Grab Life by the Damsons is Delectable and Delicious, our brand new Damson cider is ripe with hedgerow fruit notes, heady and aromatic, a deep plum flavour complex fused with a unique blend of our Artisan cider, perfected over many, many arduous nights of cider tastings. No artificial flavours, aromas, sulphites or funny business. Vegan/Vegetarian Friendly and Gluten free. It`s been a very busy year with new lovely customers, Suppliers, Distributors and Wholesalers. The engineering genius of Dante and Oliver has been put to the test as they hurriedly put together a new pressing system we sourced from Germany in the form of a sturdy double belt press capable of pressing continuously with minimal involvement. As incredible the speed at which it pressed our organic apples, it also gave us vast amounts of issues from; water leaking out of the apple trench, conveyors and apple augurs burning out and apple pulp pumps over heating; as we worked through the teething issues and worked out the kinks in the new system. Being a double belt press as opposed to a single belt system it gives us higher efficiency as to juice pressed from the apple pummace. Possibly better efficiency than our trusty twin ram Hydraulic press Dante and Oliver built. After a long summer and long rain fall until October we experienced a low yield from our orchards on top of the lower yield we were expecting as the orchards are biannual and experienced an off year. Resulting in sourcing more apples from orchards in Melplash and Chalmington nearby. The higher temperatures and sunshine however lead to greater sugar content in the ciders and what I think will be another excellent Vintage Year for cider making at Dorset Nectar Cider. Whilst preparing for the new German press to arrive in late October the team built a new press building and apple bay so trucks and trailers can deliver apples in larger volume on top of the same site of where the apple hopper used to sit when we sold all our apples to Shepton Mallet the first few years we worked the orchard before we broke into cider making. Since we started pressing  over a month later than last year we completed pressing in mid December after pressing a record amount of apples. As the Harvest and pressing season progressed teams of builders helped us construct a new, large, purpose built Cider barn designed to have 2nd floor storage space and housing for our new bottling line due to be delivered in the new year. An exciting new game changer for us all here at Dorset Nectar Cider. Due to join our range in the new year are 250ml lunch-box style apple juice bottles which will accompany our long time favourites; Organic Apple juice and Apple and Elderflower juices currently available in 750ml bottles. With new signage, products and Cider farm Tour and Tasting dates we welcomed a record number of visitors to the cider farm this last year and will improve on this in the coming year with new events planned and new products in the Cider farm Shop planned. All are invited to our annual Wassail event is set for the Saturday 26th of January from 2pm till late with Morris dancers, hot mulled ciders and apple juice, story telling and a the excellent Bridport Mummers apple play led by Martin Maudesly  amongst much much more. Through the autumn you found us at a great many more events like the Garden Festival at Forde Abbey, Symondsbury estate Christmas fair, Bridport Christmas Cheer, the monthly Crewekerne market and the exquisite Buckfast Abbey Christmas market. We`d like to wish all our Friends, Family, Suppliers, Customers and Distributors a Happy and productive New year in 2019!

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What`s been going on at the Cider farm 2019 18/2/20

Dorset Nectar has undergone a massive upgrade to our Pressing and Bottling equipment.   For the apple production, a large Belt Press was installed to enable us to press the apples more efficiently, and a telehndler to help with the movement of both apples, cider, cider vinegar and apple juice. A New barn has been built specifically for making cider and apple juices from the farm’s cider apples.  This is extremely helpful to ensure hygienic standards are met and help to enable professional accreditation within the beverage industry. As our 3000 cider apple trees are certified Organic with the Soil Association so we would be hard pressed to find an Organic certified bottling service nearby. Bottling equipment has been upgraded with the installation of a bottling line, including a pasteuriser, carbonator, chilling tanks and a generator for 3 phase equipment. The bottling line will mean we can bottle 18 times faster than currently. Most importantly the equipment enables professional and hygienic handling of our apple juices and ciders. The Project has been part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe investing in Rural Areas 18/2/20

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New website, new products and a great summer ahead of us! 19/5/15

Greetings Cider lovers Firstly I`d like to thank the Coastline Creative team for putting together this great new website for us. In May we launched our newest cider Raspberry Kiss 4.0%: our team through much deliberation has blended and infused our award-winning cider with Raspberry's from Devon to create this fantastic new cider a combination of tart and sweet that is truly thirst quenching and sinkable and only 4% ABV. We`re working hard to get our fantastic ciders, apple juices and vinegars out to all you loving cider fans but be sure to let us know if you have a local stockist, festival or event you`d like us to at and we`ll contact them. Many thanks Now Keep Calm and Drink Dorset Nectar Cider The Dorset Nectar Cider Team    

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