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Oliver and Penny fell into cider making almost by accident; Oliver is an international metal sculptor who, in 2006 needed a barn outside of a village to craft his sculptures, this barn happened to have 3000 prime cider apple trees under a Gaymers contract usefully attached. They began making a small amount of cider right away. With a passion for crafting something new, innovation and a history of engineering, horticulture and working on the land Oliver and Penny threw themselves at the orchards. However once finding the contract would never work, Penny asked if they could send less apples to Gaymers; they said "all or nothing", so with the help of their five children they quit the contract and began making cider commercially. Since then Dorset Nectar Cider has gone from strength to strength, winning many local and prestigious awards year on year crafting new cider blends and always trying something new. We use only the best quality apples from our own orchards and local growers who have a great understanding and reputation for quality Dorset Nectar Cider now produces 10 different ciders made with a passion for the traditional methods of heritage cider making in Dorset and the art that comes with years of DIY, research, a love for a refreshing wholesome cider and lots of late night cider tastings, producing bench mark ciders that continue to impress a larger audience year  on year...

Tasting notes

  • Sweet Maiden: A country sweet maiden cider with intriguing velvety aftertaste
  • Medium Organic: A smooth, elegant cider, the glamorous star amongst our award winning ciders
  • Old Harry Rocks Vintage Dry: Never has a cider with more maturity and silky character been exposed to the public taste buds.
  • Dabinett Single Variety Cider: This cider is sophisticated with a subtle spicy apple finish.
  • Elderflower Sparkling Cider: An exuberant, complex cider, country sweet, yet crisp with Elderflowers from our farm hedgerows
  • Hunny Bubble: Cider Alchemy has never been finer, a light hearted artistic cider, mellow and rich with real Dorset Honey.
  • Top O the Hill Cider:   Dry and humorous with a spirited sparkle
  • Wild Cat Cider: A medium sparkling Cider that evokes the magic and legend of the Dorset cider scene with a lingering aftertaste. (Warning, May purrrr for more afterwards)
  • Raspberry Kiss
  • Mulled Cider:  The Autumnal spirit of Cider, sugar and spice- all things nice.

    Trade Sales

    We welcome the opportunity of selling to the trade, so if you’d like to stock our Cider, Apple juices, Presses or Vinegars, then please give us a call or email us. We supply wholesale to many Distributers, Pubs, Farm shops, Restaurants, Delis and Festivals within the Dorset, the South West, Nationally and Internationally. Please contact us for export possibilities as we already export to the Netherlands. Please give us a call to discuss your needs and how we can work together.

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