Dorset nectar ciderOur fine Handcrafted Cider Dorset Nectar’s Real cider is naturally fermented from 11 varieties of West Country cider apples grown on our family run farm. from Brown’s apples to Dabinett, Coate Jerseys, Michelin, Tremletts Bitters, Taylor's, Chesil Jerseys, Sweet Coppin, Harry Master’s Jersey, Yarlington Mills and Porter’ Perfection to name a few. The sun ripened apples are whole crushed and pressed at the orchard’s cider barn near Bridport, then patiently nurtured to create a smooth, delicious cider that is fruity in taste and bursting with flavour.
Nearing the end of fermentation, we rack our ciders into fresh barrels to ensure the clean apple crispness and depth of flavour.
We use only the natural wild yeasts to craft our unique range of ciders. The apples are grown without pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Our cider is certified Organic. We pride ourselves in giving you a clean, unadulterated Real Cider. In the past the Bridport area, particularly Netherbury was renowned for its cider orchards and premium quality cider. I believe some of that was due to the wonderful loamy soil found in West Dorset which together with the climate influences the characteristics of the cider.

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